Monday, August 27, 2012

Dorm Room OlioHop with Olioboard!

It's time for another amazing Olioboard OlioHop! For those of you first-timers, the last two months I have been lucky enough to participate in an OlioHop with OlioBoard and other contributing bloggers/designers. In the hop, we create an Olioboard based on the theme of that month and then we encourage readers to create their own boards and post the links to our blogs. If you aren't familiar with Olioboard- it is definitely worth checking out- it is a FREE, fantastic tool that I use to create mood boards for all of my clients. You can check out my previous OlioHops on organization here and MomSpots here.

This month's OlioHop is appropriately themed Dorm Rooms! When I was in college (150 years ago) I was so excited to pick out my sheets and bedding and to spruce up that bland space! I tried to keep my Olio-space as dorm room real as possible. No colors on the walls. Boring....almost...I did break the dorm room rules with some pricey splurges. I would never spend this kind of money on furniture for a dorm room but this is an inspiration board....I am allowed to dream, right? Here are some of the key elements in my (dream) dorm room!

Check out my Dorm Room Olioboard in detail here!

Starting with the centerpiece...the bed....I still work on my laptop in bed even hundreds of years out of college....

Rivulets Bedding from Anthropologie

Spicing up the walls a bit....

Silk Screen Stencil Chandelier

Layla Grace Green Satin Gown Art

Some motivational canvases from Layla Grace

I found a ton of great stuff at Zinc their stuff and probably wouldn't have spent the money on my real dorm room! Here is what I was loving!

Zinc Door Mirror Newport Mirror

Zinc Door Waveland Chair
Zinc Door Scales Pillow
Now for the fun part...hop over to the other contributing bloggers and look and what they have come up with! Link up your own Olioboard that you have created or comment and let us know what you think! Here are the links to check out...Get your Hop on!


  1. I love your motivational canvases and Zinc Door pops of color! Such great brands! You're always allowed to dream big and show off the skill at making the big dreams come true on budget! Great post!!

  2. Your room is stylish and functional. I love your choice of furnishings from my favorite places Anthropologie and Zinc Door.

  3. Your design is very luxurious. The color and material choices beautiful. The full length mirror is an important so you can make sure you look perfect before leaving your room.

  4. Love the chic style of the room! Well done!

  5. Lolol... hundreds of years out of college, I too still work on my laptop on my bed! Great post and a fun, colorful room. Nice job lady!

  6. I added a few splurge items as well-- yes, we can dream even though we know budget matters! I love the bedding. Nice design. Happy to #oliohop with you.


  7. Very Stylish board and yes, you can dream! I starting with one board and ended with three :) <3 your post!

  8. Lovely space to call home away from home!
    Love all the elements. I am sure you cause some other college girl to dream the same dream.

    Great blogging with again!xo

  9. Hey Joanne!

    Thanks for sharing that it's ok to dream! I love the chandelier decal you have here*! Nothing like a little *glamspiration* to bring a dorm room alive!

    It's so great to have you in another #OlioHop, Joanne. Everyone at my client, Olioboard, appreciates your time and the fun attitude you bring to the OlioHops!

    Thanks again and know, you are definitely not the only one who works from bed ...


    Leslie (@tkpleslie)

  10. I love that you dreamed big for this dorm room! I think dreaming up the most stylish room for college life wonderful... I love to start with the dream and then tone it down for budgets later! Wonderful post and board! :) #oliolove it!

    1. ps this is swaygrl :) accidentally logged in as my social media work persona :)


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