Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My epiphany and a new sofa...

So this weekend I had an epiphany. I am tired of waiting for my "next house" to do everything I want. I am perpetually waiting to lose the next five pounds, for the next house, you get it....and I have realized that life is way too short. I am counting the blessings I have TODAY and living the way I want to NOW. (Can I get a what, what?)

To that point, I cleared 20 boxes out of the attic, took 6 bags to donation bins, packed up three bins for the consignment shop and put the entire contents of my living room on Craigslist. Good news- someone bought our couch and they are picking it up tonight. Exciting news....I have no couch and now must buy one! My darling husband has generally acquired the response "Whatever you want, dear" when it comes to decorating so I am shopping boundary-less which is quite frightening. I do have a dog (puppy) and two kids (messy) so I am trying to keep that in mind while my instincts are screaming (white couch! white couch!) so I'll try to calm that screaming lady. Here are somethings that are making me swoon....

Crate and Barrel 83" Lounge Sofa in Talbot Champagne Linen

Crate and Barrel Cameron Sofa in Almond.....a little bigger at 88"

Emory Room & Board

 The hunt is not over! Off to shop!


  1. You are so brave! Putting your entire living room on CragisList. (That is a fantasy of mine. LOL!) I also want a light linen sofa. We have pets, friends with pets, relatives with pets, chids, and grandkids...it will get lots of wear. I'm a Scotchguard fanatic. Wonder if it would do the trick for a creame sofa?

  2. Think a nice big 88" would bs gorgeous in front of your living room bay window:) loving the last two couches! Go for it! Fergie will just have to learn her place in the house:) but that crazy little nephew of yours....lol Great quote, SO true!

  3. Love the Quote! Great that you open with that. I love the 83 inch lounge sofa.


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