Wednesday, May 30, 2012

HomeMint: Justin Timberlake

Anyone get wind of Justin Timberlake's newest endeavor into interior design? It is called HomeMint. JT collaborated with longtime friend and Interior Designer Estee Stanley to curate beautiful home decor collections. When you sign up, you take a quick style quiz and then HomeMint makes decor suggestions based on your personal style. I have to say, I am loving what they are dishing up for me (and I do love myself some JT). Ok, your turn...give it a try and let me know if they get your style right! P.S Not an endorsed post...although if JT wanted to personally thank me, I wouldn't complain!)


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Design Week in NYC

So sorry for falling off the radar the last week and a half...I was traveling and while I had posts ready-to-go, I was not ready for my computer to fail me once I left my home post! Anyway, last week was Design Week in NYC- which includes various festivities such as ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair), Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse and BlogFest for Design Bloggers far and wide.
Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse

And while my plan for the past year was to attend the festivities, especially BlogFest right in NYC, my husband had to go an be awesome at his job so instead of being here:

I was here:

Source: via Krystie on Pinterest

While that is not my actual photo, that was my view while visiting the Four Seasons in Maui. My uber-excellent husband won an incentive trip to Maui, Hawaii which we extended for nine days to celebrate our recent 10 year anniversary. And while I shed a few tears for leaving my kiddies for so long, it wasn't long before they blended in with the rum of the Mai Tais and I was able to relax and enjoy this little bit of paradise.

And yes, I have a twinge of envy when I hear my blog-peers talk about the great info and people they met (not to mention the swag they got!...damn them) at BlogFest, I am eternally thankful for the wonderful trip I was able to go on. Don't worry, BlogFest....I'll be there next year (unless my husband can repeat awesomeness for another year....)

And not to worry, I brought back some beautiful pictures from paradise, mostly the furnishings and architecture of the glorious Four Seasons (and that would be the Four Seasons that Oprah frequents although rumor has it she was not there this week). My husband jokes that we have more pictures of furniture than we do of ourselves on the vacation....and he is entirely correct. I'll be sharing more later in the week....Ma halo!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Tulips for Mother's Day via Lexington Modern

Every Mom loves flowers for Mother's Day so why not spice things up and get your Mom (or yourself!) some tulips this Mother's Day....and while these are lovely, I'm not talking these:

I'm talking these Eero Saarinen Style Tulip Chairs and Tables via Lexington Modern.

Lexington Modern Tulips

In honor of Mother's Day, this collection is 25% off while supplies last so get to shopping! These tables are such staples and mix so well with all styles of furniture...I may even have to treat myself!! (Heck, my husband doesn't know what in the world to get me anyway!) Let me know if anyone buys themselves some 'tulips' this weekend! I'd love to see how you work these into your space! (BTW, totally NOT a sponsored one is paying me didily to share this with you...I just want to!)

Lexington Modern Tulip Chair

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Giddy Over Organizing

I am a is a blessing and a curse. My poor son has the same affliction. We, we crave complete organization. Our thoughts need to be organized...our day needs to be organized and if you stop moving long enough I will most certainly put a label on you. To that end, I must confess that my home is not organized...and it is a constant struggle for me to accept that with running a home, a business, two kids, a less than trained puppy and (as Beyonce says in her song "Upgrade U") plus keepin' it real and holding down the fort for my busy business man, things are always out of place. (I tried to make it sound hip, ok?) Anyway, any organizational product I find usually makes my blood stir but if it appeals to my design senses as well...well, I am smitten. Check this out:
Container Store Bisley 5 drawer Cabinet
Okay, Container Store, you are speaking my language.....and if you want to take it totally Tangerine Tango, color of the year...they even did this for you:

Keepin' it real organized....okay, trying to!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Great resource: Red Egg

Whenever I stumble upon a new resource, I have to share. My newest love is RedEgg, the furniture company. I believe they are available to the trade only (hire me and you'll have access...wink, wink!) but I do believe that Horchow carries some of their items...feast your eyes on this:

Red Egg Items

Sorry for the small are some of the Red Egg items on Horchow. I believe these items come in other colors if purchased directly through a designer. Gorgeous, huh?

Red Egg at Horchow

Now get to shopping, people! Can't let these goodies stay at the store!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Great shopping deals and an Award!

I am taking a break out of the chaos that has become my life these past few days to bring you two of the best deals I have spied this week! The first is the adorbs ottoman at Target... thanks to Danielle Oakey Interiors...check out her blog here. And then check out this amazing ottoman from Target here. It is selling for only $264!!! It also comes in some other great colors such as Navy and Charcoal.
Target Ottoman

And good old Danielle was kind enough to site a source and a photo of a very happy blogger customer who has fit this ottoman nicely into her decor. Lizzy, from 346 Living, has it nicely accessorized and resting comfortably in its new home. Looks quite expensive, doesn't it?

For my next great deal, it comes direct from the weekly specials of Ballard Designs. I have long been a fan of their Bergere chairs...and here it is...on the Weekly Special list! And at a price of only $449 a chair, I find it quite the steal. (Plus, if you are my client, call me...I'll get you my discount!)
Anyway, eat these specials up...they don't last long!
Louisa Bergere Chair
And on another note, Erin from Out on a Limb was so kind to bestow me with a Liebster Award for up and coming bloggers. I just wanted to give her a formal shout-out and thank you and you should definitely check her blog out as well! She is a fellow LI girl with a heart for design!

Happy Shopping! And if anyone buys any of these items, I want a full report and pics! I need to live vicariously through others!