Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Design Week in NYC

So sorry for falling off the radar the last week and a half...I was traveling and while I had posts ready-to-go, I was not ready for my computer to fail me once I left my home post! Anyway, last week was Design Week in NYC- which includes various festivities such as ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair), Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse and BlogFest for Design Bloggers far and wide.
Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse

And while my plan for the past year was to attend the festivities, especially BlogFest right in NYC, my husband had to go an be awesome at his job so instead of being here:

I was here:

Source: google.com via Krystie on Pinterest

While that is not my actual photo, that was my view while visiting the Four Seasons in Maui. My uber-excellent husband won an incentive trip to Maui, Hawaii which we extended for nine days to celebrate our recent 10 year anniversary. And while I shed a few tears for leaving my kiddies for so long, it wasn't long before they blended in with the rum of the Mai Tais and I was able to relax and enjoy this little bit of paradise.

And yes, I have a twinge of envy when I hear my blog-peers talk about the great info and people they met (not to mention the swag they got!...damn them) at BlogFest, I am eternally thankful for the wonderful trip I was able to go on. Don't worry, BlogFest....I'll be there next year (unless my husband can repeat awesomeness for another year....)

And not to worry, I brought back some beautiful pictures from paradise, mostly the furnishings and architecture of the glorious Four Seasons (and that would be the Four Seasons that Oprah frequents although rumor has it she was not there this week). My husband jokes that we have more pictures of furniture than we do of ourselves on the vacation....and he is entirely correct. I'll be sharing more later in the week....Ma halo!

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