Thursday, May 10, 2012

Giddy Over Organizing

I am a is a blessing and a curse. My poor son has the same affliction. We, we crave complete organization. Our thoughts need to be organized...our day needs to be organized and if you stop moving long enough I will most certainly put a label on you. To that end, I must confess that my home is not organized...and it is a constant struggle for me to accept that with running a home, a business, two kids, a less than trained puppy and (as Beyonce says in her song "Upgrade U") plus keepin' it real and holding down the fort for my busy business man, things are always out of place. (I tried to make it sound hip, ok?) Anyway, any organizational product I find usually makes my blood stir but if it appeals to my design senses as well...well, I am smitten. Check this out:
Container Store Bisley 5 drawer Cabinet
Okay, Container Store, you are speaking my language.....and if you want to take it totally Tangerine Tango, color of the year...they even did this for you:

Keepin' it real organized....okay, trying to!

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  1. The Container Store just opened near me. I'm afraid to visit for fear of breaking the bank. These pieces are great. Thanks for sharing.


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