Monday, October 7, 2013

Window treatments for Arched Windows

So last week I met with a new client....a wonderful uber exciting client! These clients just moved into a beautiful new home in Westchester from NYC and have very little furniture. Yeah! They also like things slightly contemporary with clean lines... double yeah! I have to say, most of my clients are traditional/transitional in style so contemporary will be fun to do!

One of the first elements we are grappling with is window treatments. Regardless of design style, I feel like clients are always stumped when it comes to window treatments. They are expensive. They are a commitment. There are a lot of options and retail stores do the homeowner no favors by selling 84" curtains....they are not to be handled alone!

NOTE: Unless you have 7' ceilings- you should NOT be buying 84" curtains!!! 

Ok, off the topic...window clients....did I mention arched windows? Hhmmm..this one is a dozie...especially with contemporary clients. How does one address a more traditional arched window and still keep the feeling contemporary? Well, here are some of the inspiration photos I have...which I am going to explore with my clients...

1. Clean panels hung above the arch:

 2. Shutters cut to fit the arch:

3. Roman shade made to fit...not so contemporary...but it can work:

I like either the shutters or the panels...but for light control and privacy, the shutters might be better....although we can always do both:) Keep checking in to find out what we decide on!