Monday, October 7, 2013

Window treatments for Arched Windows

So last week I met with a new client....a wonderful uber exciting client! These clients just moved into a beautiful new home in Westchester from NYC and have very little furniture. Yeah! They also like things slightly contemporary with clean lines... double yeah! I have to say, most of my clients are traditional/transitional in style so contemporary will be fun to do!

One of the first elements we are grappling with is window treatments. Regardless of design style, I feel like clients are always stumped when it comes to window treatments. They are expensive. They are a commitment. There are a lot of options and retail stores do the homeowner no favors by selling 84" curtains....they are not to be handled alone!

NOTE: Unless you have 7' ceilings- you should NOT be buying 84" curtains!!! 

Ok, off the topic...window clients....did I mention arched windows? Hhmmm..this one is a dozie...especially with contemporary clients. How does one address a more traditional arched window and still keep the feeling contemporary? Well, here are some of the inspiration photos I have...which I am going to explore with my clients...

1. Clean panels hung above the arch:

 2. Shutters cut to fit the arch:

3. Roman shade made to fit...not so contemporary...but it can work:

I like either the shutters or the panels...but for light control and privacy, the shutters might be better....although we can always do both:) Keep checking in to find out what we decide on!


  1. I'm not so fond of sewing and I think that it is hassle so this is just right for me. I wanna create my own design for window shades and I'm gonna follow your simple steps. Thanks!

  2. Oh my! It's really hard to look for a window treatment that can fit a curved window. However, with these photos posted here, I got some ideas on how I can work on my windows. Thanks for the post. I know you'll end up with a fabulous design for your new client. :)

    Chris Dunn @

  3. If you don’t have the eye for design, arched window could be difficult to dress. The thing I noticed is that arched window adds a view, making it counter-productive to block it with window treatments. Although, adding window treatments on the side would help to enhance the space. Roxie @

  4. Great tips, window treatments can very tricky! I will have to keep all your steps in mind while choosing what is appropriate.

  5. Love the decorations in your Window. They are beautiful! I also like the way you did the word "jolly" with an anchor and on wood. The white birch in the fire place is a very creative idea. Thanks for the ideas. Window decorations

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