Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Really...Pier 1?

So I popped into Pier 1 the other day to pick up some tables I have been loving which are now on clearance....(more on these later...)

Greek Key Nested Tables
Pier 1 Greek Key Nesting Tables

and I happened to spot this when I walked in....the Natura Writing Desk....LOVE....
Natura Writing Desk
And then I bumped into this gorgeous glittery gal....the Crisanto Hall Chest....yum....

Crisanto - Hall Chest

And just when I thought I had had enough.....I spotted this hanging with a bunch of other chests of drawers.....I mean I could just die that Pier 1 with their worldly exotic vibe is putting out a linen-upholstered chest AND ME WANTS! (If not for myself, then for a if you hire me...I might have to sneak this in your home....with 15% off I might add!) It is the Lexford 3-Drawer even has a snooty name! And this photo does not do it justice! Great as a pair of nightstands...entry chest...hall chest...just about anywhere!

Lexford 3-Drawer Chest

And I also am considering these two for some manly office or den....what do you think...also on clearance....

Passport Chest
Pier 1 Passport Chest

And then this beast....also on clearance...the Chadwell Faux Leather Chest....gorgeous...

Chadwell Faux Leather 5 Drawer

So what do you it just me or is Pier1 totally stepping up their design game? Have I got you running to your nearest Pier1? Damn, I should have negotiated some sort of commission.....just let me know what you buy so I can feel some sort of satisfaction! Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mary McDonald for Schumacher

So last week I went over to the D&D building for a little shopping....I was focused mainly on fabrics and wallpaper and as usual....did not leave empty handed! I saw some beautiful goodies from Kravet, Duralee, Clarence House, Ralph Lauren, Kathryn Ireland, Jasper, Sister Parish and of course, Schumacher...(I'll share some pics later once I get it all unpacked!) Now my office looks a bit like this...

In any case, the very next day, I received some exciting news from Schumacher...Mary McDonald (of Million Dollar Decorators) has launched her own collection with Schumacher. Now, I didn't see any of it when I was there the day before...perhaps I was on a fabric high and just didn't notice...although it would have been nice of someone has given me a heads up while I was there...I would have loved an advanced sneak peek! Anyway, here is some eye candy for you to enjoy....

From the Schumacher website...
"Mary McDonald, one of today’s most sought after and celebrated designers, has created a collection exclusively for Schumacher. Blending her love of Chinoiserie, color and bold patterns Mary reinterprets traditional textile designs in a clean and graphic style. Enhanced through dramatic scale this collection brings a strong sense of glamour and sophistication to any space.

Exquisite cut velvets, matelassé and delicately detailed linen prints are embellished with embroidered tapes and appliques creating a sumptuous and elegant mix. Color adds both softness and intensity in clear shades of orange, jade green, aquamarine and blush pink or rich hues of bittersweet brown, ruby red and jet black. " die....I would line my walls with these fabric panels....

Exquisite appliques for pillows....draperies...upholstery...etc....

Here are some of my favorite fabrics all compliments of Mary McDonald of Schumacher....


For more yummies go visit Schumacher. These items are available to the trade only so if you interested, send me a shout!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Thinking about starting a business?

I started Homestyling101 several years ago while in the midst of diapers, potty training, sleep training (did I mention that took 6 years for my daughter?) etc, etc. I started very timidly, very slowly and I was very naive. I had never worked for another Interior Designer so I was new to the ins and outs of starting a small business.

When I started, I focused mostly on home staging and vacant properties because I felt that was a very targeted market and I wasn't quite ready to tackle large and continuous design projects or the world of wholesale. Needless to say- it was all "on the job training" since they teach you very little about business in design school.

And that brings me to today's lesson....I am going to share this amazing series from one of my favorite blogs, Hyphen Interiors, where designer Kristy Swain talks about the details of starting your own design business. It is an 8 part series covering all the important stuff! Boy, if I'd had these when I started, you'd be watching me on Bravo right about now....

Source: via Ross on Pinterest

Anyway, for those of you considering starting your own business...or in the midst of it- this is a great overview of what you need to do.....and of course, it varies from state to state and this girl's a brilliant designer, not an accountant or a lawyer so stop with the expectations....but she tells you like it is from a small business owner's perspective and that is priceless.

Definitely worth checking out...and subscribing for all the juicy design deets she shares on the regular! And Kristy, thanks for all the time you put into this are going to help many small business owners get started!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I have issues...House Beautiful Feb 2013

Is anyone else drooling over the February 2013 House Beautiful? The cover is just so vibrant and gorgeous!

House Beautiful Feb 2013

And flipping through the pages is just as delicious. One of my favorite sections of every House Beautiful is the Color section where they feature favorite paint colors. In this issue they feature favorite colors for painted furniture! Brilliant! Here are a few of the faves mentioned...and what I love most is that you can search the color on Pinterest and see some amazing examples of people who have used that color!

1. Benjamin Moore Onyx (photo pinned from Carmen Murphy-Cicin)

2. Sherwin Williams Real Red.....Always a sucker for this via Jennifer Galbraith

Source: via Dawn on Pinterest

3. California Paint in tasty via Amy Campbell

4. Benjamin Moore Patriot Blue...via Angie Ortberg

5. Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue...this one is all over Pinterest as a fab wall is one of my fave pics...via Genia Kudolis

Check out House Beautiful Feb 2013 for more deliciousness! 
Have you painted any furniture? Do you have any favorite colors...please share...I am getting inspired!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Ready for 2013...sort of!

Hi all! I am back from my unannounced, unscheduled hiatus and I am ready to tackle 2013! On January 1st, 2013, I woke up early and wrote down my goals...I listed personal goals and then business goals. They were great....well thought-out...measurable....quantifiable and relevant. Only one I can't find them...

Which has lead me to re-write them. Now I am down to one big goal...GET ORGANIZED!

I digress....I have been a reader of Tobi Fairley's blog for a while now. (For those of you who don't know her, Ms. Fairley is an extraordinary Interior Designer and she has had one of the most spectacular years...both professionally and personally.)

Besides her fantastic posts on design deliciousness, I also have come to covet her posts on confidence, life solutions, motivation and ORGANIZATION. Ms. Fairley not only grew her business to amazing heights but she lost 38 pounds in the process. So here is Ms. Fairley's latest post on organization with a 21 Day Organization Challenge from Holiday Sparkle:

#10 scares the living cr#p out of me...this step may take me 21 days alone but I am up for the challenge! And when I find my original list of Goals for 2013...I'll be sure to share! Happy Organizing!

Let me know if you are up for the 21 Day Challenge...I hate doing things alone :(