Monday, August 18, 2014

NY NOW, The Market for Home + Lifestyle and the HGTV Blogger Block Party!

Getting out early this morning on the Metro North headed into NYC for a super exciting trade show: NY Now, the Market for Home + Lifestyle at the Javits Center. This trade show is open to the trade, including designers, buyers, retailers, press, etc and features over 100,000 products and 2,800+ exhibitors. Let's just say I'll be wearing my comfy shoes!

And as if that isn't enough excitement (because it is!) I am also going to head over to HGTV's FIRST EVER Blogger Block Party! Yes, I know....I love my job! This is an all-day event dedicated to meeting, tweeting and crafting! And I have experienced an HGTV event before when I attended BlogFest 2013 and boy can they host an event! Love me some HGTV!

Join me tomorrow for my first re-cap of the things I loved most at NY Now, the Market for Home + Lifestyle and for some dirty deets on the HGTV FIRST EVER Blogger Block Party! Or, if you just can't wait that long, follow me on Twitter for instant updates or Instagram (Homestyling101)...I promise I'll accept your request! Get ready for some pretty things!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Kravet's Ronald McDonald House of Long Island

I first heard about the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island project last year when I attended BlogFest2013. BlogFest was sponsored by Kravet, one of my most favorite fabric houses. I even had the great pleasure of sitting right next to David Kravet during lunch and then touring "behind-the-scenes" at Kravet following the hoopla of BlogFest. David Kravet told me all about their collaboration with the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island, which happens to be just miles away from where I grew up.

As if I weren't a huge Kravet fan already, their level of empathy and philanthropy is overwhelming. Here are some of the rooms that were completed in Phase I of the project with the help of 30 designers. Now they are moving on to Phase II. I threw my name in the ring to work on the project. We'll see what happens- these designers certainly set the bar high!








Eric Cohler

 Which is your favorite? 
My mind is spinning with all the wonderful Kravet fabrics I would use in a Ronald McDonald room if I am selected to participate!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Re-Upholstering the World...One Piece at a Time...

Yes. I know. Dramatic title. But that is how I feel when I venture down the road of re-upholstery with a client. Re-upholstering isn't for the light-hearted.

It isn't inexpensive...the options are endless...but the results....well...they can be just so out of this world!

Here is a piece that one of my clients needed help with.  See it all the way back there...the one armed-chaise. First question: re-upholster or replace? First I scoured the market for comparable pieces.... they were a few out there in a wide-price range. Some were out of the price range and the less expensive versions cost about as much as re-upholstering. Since this was a good, sturdy piece, we decided to go for the re-upholstery.

Another shot:

Now that we made the decision to re-upholster- we were on to! The client has some cats....they like to scratch...shocking. We were looking for a fabric that could with-stand the mighty claws, and still add something to the room. So we went old-school on the fabric choices and took a fork to them to see how they held up. We narrowed it down to two. Next test...and this can be the hardest one of all: the husband test. In my experience husbands fear two things in fabrics: pattern and price. Thankfully, our favorite fabric passed the husband test, too! Here it is: A gorg pattern from Duralee:

Off to the re-upholsterer we went and we ended up with this beauty:

Another a beauty shot:

Success all around...unless, of course, you are my client's cats!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What to do under the console table...

So one in one of my projects I put a super simple console table in the entry way. On top of the console table there are two teal lamps and a stunning nickel sunburst mirror. Great. Symmetrical. Colorful. Done.

Now what to do underneath? Not to say that you have to do something underneath but I feel like this space could use a little extra dimension....particularly under the table. Besides, there are two unsightly chords hanging down from those lamps....lets get shopping for under the console table!

This is a nice deep console table...and a cozy little ottoman underneath...nice option!

Here is a slimmer console with two cubes underneath...cute and keeping the symmetry!

Now this is a very cool eclectic idea....a nice mix of vases...a bit unexpected but very pretty!

Contemporary Entry 

I'm loving this idea...a leaning piece of artwork and some sculpture. So pretty and it draws your eye to an otherwise uninteresting part of the it!

And of course, the most obvious choice, a sweet little pup!

Ok, now I am inspired...I have some ideas of what I'm going to propose to the client...let's see what wins!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Seek and Yee Shall Find

Thank you so much for the oodles of excitement you all shared with me yesterday over my new project. I am elated and excited to share the journey with all of you!

Right now at the shop, we are transitioning from W Antiques to Lexington Decor: the inventory, the image, the mindset. One of the biggest challenges is the overwhelming amount of inventory. Here is a shot when you walk in (these pics were taken a few months ago so some things have changed.)

 Oh yes...there is a LOT of stuff....very interesting and unique stuff...and did I mention a LOT of it? The problem is, many people can't take it all in...and they probably miss many wonderful things because there is such an abundance. Here are a few more shots....

You see what I mean....layers upon layers....of treasures!

And here is one more shot to whet your appetite!

And just to give you an idea..this is only half of the FIRST ROOM. There are THREE MORE ROOMS! Yes, people, take an hour lunch break...or two!

And that is why our motto is:

Shop. Explore. Discover

Monday, January 6, 2014

My New Project for 2014

 Good Morning! Yes, it has been months since my last blog post. I think I am realizing that I am not that good at multi-tasking once my tasks exceed about 100! The fall/winter was really very busy with clients (thankfully!) as everyone wants their projects completed or near completion by the holidays. Plus I started a brand new, very exciting project!

This new project is a business endeavor I have long dreamed about and it is so exciting (frightening) to have a shot at it. And here it is:

It is a home decor retail store!

Ok, so here is what the project entails....the store already exists. It is currently called W Antiques...but when you walk through the doors you will see it carries SO much more than antiques. The owner, Luigi, my business partner, runs high-end estate sales throughout Westchester County and from those, he acquires some amazing inventory on consignment. The pieces in the store are a mixture of antique and unique consignment  pieces. It is like a treasure hunt every time you come through the store which makes it so exciting...and quite a destination! 

However, there are a few things holding W Antiques back from being one of the most successful home decor stores in Westchester. First: the name. The store is way more than antiques and the name only attracts patrons attracted to antiques. Hence, the new name: Lexington Decor since we are located on Lexington Avenue in Mount Kisco. Do you like the new logo above? It was done by an uber-talented designer Julia Salerni. Brilliant!

The Second challenge: the interior merchandising. Due to the constant change in inventory and unique items, the merchandising has been a challenge. We have been putting in lots of work to pull the store together to make it more shopper-friendly. We are also going to start introducing some new inventory to compliment the antique/consignment pieces. It is going to be AMAZING!

Here is the current exterior...not much going to change here except signage and window displays!

So now, besides my design work and design-related posts, I'll be chronicling the exciting journey of Lexington Decor with all of you on the blog! Tomorrow I''ll be posting some shots of the interior of the store so we can track the progress......and in the meantime, if any of you are local and want to stop in, please do!

Lexington Decor, 342 Lexington Avenue in Mount Kisco, NY. 
We'd love for you to come digging for treasures!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Window treatments for Arched Windows

So last week I met with a new client....a wonderful uber exciting client! These clients just moved into a beautiful new home in Westchester from NYC and have very little furniture. Yeah! They also like things slightly contemporary with clean lines... double yeah! I have to say, most of my clients are traditional/transitional in style so contemporary will be fun to do!

One of the first elements we are grappling with is window treatments. Regardless of design style, I feel like clients are always stumped when it comes to window treatments. They are expensive. They are a commitment. There are a lot of options and retail stores do the homeowner no favors by selling 84" curtains....they are not to be handled alone!

NOTE: Unless you have 7' ceilings- you should NOT be buying 84" curtains!!! 

Ok, off the topic...window clients....did I mention arched windows? Hhmmm..this one is a dozie...especially with contemporary clients. How does one address a more traditional arched window and still keep the feeling contemporary? Well, here are some of the inspiration photos I have...which I am going to explore with my clients...

1. Clean panels hung above the arch:

 2. Shutters cut to fit the arch:

3. Roman shade made to fit...not so contemporary...but it can work:

I like either the shutters or the panels...but for light control and privacy, the shutters might be better....although we can always do both:) Keep checking in to find out what we decide on!