Monday, January 5, 2015

So it's been a while....

So sorry it's been a while....I feel like I start a lot of my posts off that way. I don't know why but I feel the need to apologize for not posting daily like some of the other bloggers I follow and admire.

But it's a new year and in this new year I am going to start embracing the reality of "what is" and not "what I want it to be some day."  I'm not going to wait until I lose 10 pounds or move to a new home or take my business to the next level to start living. Instead, I am going to embrace the truth and the beauty of how things actually are today. 

  • I am healthy. 
  • I have a great home filled with love. 
  • My business is growing every year. 
  • I can't seem to manage posting on my blog as often as I'd like.:)
Live in the now #quote More inspiration at Bed and Breakfast Valencia Mindfulness Retreat Spain :

Don't get me wrong, my constant living for the future is what keeps me working hard, dreaming, and challenging myself for the better...but I have to remember to take the time to embrace the now. To appreciate what "is" while still striving for what I want it to be. Let's face it, once I achieve what I'm striving for...won't there be a new goal? So how will I ever be satisfied? By stopping and enjoying the now......
Stress is caused by being ‘here’ but wanting to be ‘there’. – Eckhart Tolle 

So I take it back....I'm not sorry it's been a while. My attention has been focused on my interior design business, some new clients, new projects and as always, my family. I'm going to rescind my apology for not posting daily....I'll probably never have the time or the creative juices to post that often....and for right now, that's OK. For right now, I have clients who need my attention, a business I am working hard to grow and a family I won't cheat out of my time.

This blog and my readers are all very important to me but for right now, I want to post when I have something worthwhile to say so I'm not just filling up your in-box. With that being said....I have some great ideas for posts on the blog this year...some re-current themes and some helpful tips. And I hope to share more of my design process while I work with clients. I can't promise there will be daily posts..but I can promise that I'll post when I can and that's all I can promise for now! 
Living in the now!


  1. In my humble opinion you're perfectly balanced...

  2. I hear you, big time! I've struggled with this for quite a while. In fact, I gave up my first blog all together after a while and now, I'm just trying to find balance. Life is short and busy and kids grow quickly. You sound like you have the right idea. I look forward to catching up on your blog when you do post.

    Happy 2015!

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