Monday, January 12, 2015

Meet Jeff Lewis Color

I love me some great paint colors. Anyone who knows me, knows that I travel around with my large, obnoxious color wheels from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams in my trunk at all times should a paint color emergency arise.

I joke about there being an emergency, but as an Interior Designer I can't count the number of times I've been at a social event and someone will say, "Oh! Your an Interior Designer? What color should I paint my xxx room?" To which I'd like to respond, "Umm, I've had two glasses of you really want me to pick a color for you right now???"

But, I don't say that.....out loud. I usually chuckle and say, "It's really not a good idea to select a color without being in the space"...which is true...ish. 

It's also sort of code for, "I'm off the clock- note wine in hand??" But, if I like the said-offender, or they give me the color-blind/design-challenged vibe, my designer super-power will go into overdrive....I'll race to my car like a caped-crusader trying to save the world from another color-choice gone wrong, whip out my gigantic bag of color wheels and give them a few colors to try in the space. Hopefully, they'll be so kind as to hand me glass #3 by that point!

Why do I share my woes of lugging the color wheels? Because my color selections just expanded with a new delicious paint line that may have actually isolated the most perfect neutrals in the spectrum. Meet Jeff Lewis Color

Jeff Lewis Color

For those of you who are not familiar with Jeff Lewis, he is the sarcastic, snarky, handsome, witty and gifted (those compliments took a turn, huh?) Interior Designer on the hit Bravo show "Flipping Out"


I have been a fan of the show and of Jeff's since its inception. I do love to watch the behind-the-scenes antics of what Jeff does to manage his flipping projects and his design projects. I am only a team of one at the moment but I can fully relate to many of the trials and tribulations he encounters while executing his design jobs. Plus, he's a great designer. And he is no-nonsense- which I totally appreciate in a profession that can be inundated with frivolity. Jeff shows just how much business acumen is needed to be a successful designer- you can't just pick pretty pillows! 

And he is brilliant with color.....hence...Jeff Lewis Color. This well-edited paint line offers 32 colors in muted neutrals with three finishes: no-gloss, quarter-gloss and semi-gloss. Straight-forward. Just like Jeff. Love it.  

The best part of the edited collection is that the colors are fool-proof! There are no frighteningly bright Miami Vice colors which will go so-wrong on the wall. Any color in Jeff Lewis Color is a good starting point for a room that can go in any direction: traditional, mod, eclectic, shabby, modern...

The Jeff Lewis paint collection that just came out from Dunn Edwards paints is fantastic!  The colors are so rich in depth but calm and beautiful.

If you'd like to get more of Jeff Lewis in your own hands, you can either purchase a fan deck for $19.99 or order a free color card of your very own.

Color Card

Another great feature is that you can buy a sample-sized paint can of every color for $7.99 each. That really takes the risk out of an already fool-proof color palette. Just visit Jeff Lewis Color and you can order your favorites.

Now, how to get your hands on some. Jeff Lewis Color, manufactured by Dunn-Edwards, is available in 111 stores- (none near me, ugh)- and at Home Depot online. Price point per gallon is $39.98 which is about $10 more then Home Depot's standard Behr paint and about $10 less then Benjamin Moore. Well-played, Jeff.  Well-played.

With all this hooting and hollering about Jeff Lewis Color, I haven't had the opportunity to use it in a project yet. I have selected it for a few projects so I hope to see it on the walls really soon. You can go over to the website to view all 32 colors in rooms and gallery photos to get a better idea of what they would look like.

Here are my three favorite colors:
Jeff Lewis Color Dusk JLC412 a beautifully seductive gray.

Jeff Lewis Color JLC214 Quarry a delicious beige.

Jeff Lewis Color JLC315 Lake the most perfect blue. 

I must say- blue is one of the hardest colors to nail and Jeff nailed them. He has the most perfect blues in the color spectrum. 

Here is my little disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. Jeff Lewis is not cutting me a check or sending me a free color wheel to talk about Jeff Lewis Color (although if he wants to PM me, I'd be happy to tell him where to send it!). I'm just a blabber-mouth who loves to share what I love. Can't wait to share once I've gotten a color on the wall!



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