Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Really...Pier 1?

So I popped into Pier 1 the other day to pick up some tables I have been loving which are now on clearance....(more on these later...)

Greek Key Nested Tables
Pier 1 Greek Key Nesting Tables

and I happened to spot this when I walked in....the Natura Writing Desk....LOVE....
Natura Writing Desk
And then I bumped into this gorgeous glittery gal....the Crisanto Hall Chest....yum....

Crisanto - Hall Chest

And just when I thought I had had enough.....I spotted this hanging with a bunch of other chests of drawers.....I mean I could just die that Pier 1 with their worldly exotic vibe is putting out a linen-upholstered chest AND ME WANTS! (If not for myself, then for a if you hire me...I might have to sneak this in your home....with 15% off I might add!) It is the Lexford 3-Drawer even has a snooty name! And this photo does not do it justice! Great as a pair of nightstands...entry chest...hall chest...just about anywhere!

Lexford 3-Drawer Chest

And I also am considering these two for some manly office or den....what do you think...also on clearance....

Passport Chest
Pier 1 Passport Chest

And then this beast....also on clearance...the Chadwell Faux Leather Chest....gorgeous...

Chadwell Faux Leather 5 Drawer

So what do you it just me or is Pier1 totally stepping up their design game? Have I got you running to your nearest Pier1? Damn, I should have negotiated some sort of commission.....just let me know what you buy so I can feel some sort of satisfaction! Happy Shopping!


  1. Peer 1 has definitely improved when it comes to design! I was just there the other day and fell in love with half of everything there.

  2. Pier 1 is amazing!!


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