Monday, February 4, 2013

Roman shades of the sort...

Things have been nutty but great! In the last two weeks I signed two new clients and I am getting uber-busy! Sorry I neglect the blog a bit but my customers get my full attention and sometimes I have trouble getting all wordy for you guys.

Anyway, a main sore spot for clients lately seems to be window treatments. They seem to get very overwhelmed and simply stick to the paper shades until they bring me in for some support. For two clients I am currently recommending some beautiful roman shades.

So, as inspiration I spent some time over at Houzz collecting some beautiful images. Here are the main things I consider when designing roman shades. Choose a fabric- one that will look good when the shades are pulled all the way up or down...usually a fabric without a very large pattern or repeat. You also have to think about the liner and choose the appropriate liner for light control. Another decision to contend with is the placement of the roman shade.And that is where photos come in handy!

Here we are with a wall mounted roman shade hung high up outside the window frame...closer to the ceiling....this designer knocked it out of the park over the picture window by using one large valance covering three smaller shades. Shows continuity but functions well because each window can be adjusted individually. Gorg!

Now these little beauties are hung within the window frame. This technique shows off the beautiful molding but does keep some of the window covered at all times...depends on your needs and wants for the room. I love the bold pattern against the white trim!

I love this little pair because these roman shades are hung with a coordinating cornice box. Very neat...very tailored...great detail!

And then there are these puppies that are hung all the way up at the ceiling! Talk about drama!

Needless to say when addressing roman shades there are OPTIONS! I always have them custom the world of roman shades, you get what you pay for so some of the retail options that are more affordable seem to malfunction or break rather easily. Window treatments are ALWAYS an investment in a room but, if done right, well worth the visual impact! Off to put together mood boards on the very same idea...


  1. Yes, you get what you pay for. I once ordered some customs off ebay and they were a disaster. Still love the clean look and flexibility!

  2. New follower! Love the way you showed the different option beside each other. I'm about to get some made for my bedroom!

  3. So beautiful and brilliant idea.It is a very innovative concept in which a window can work as a door also with the help of shades.
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  4. You won’t see this anywhere else on the market! It is perfect for those days and nights where you just have to keep the glaring sun out of your eyes. It is also great for when you want some privacy, but also want some natural light too.
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