Monday, February 18, 2013

Designer-Like Colored Lamps

So LampsPlus is killing it in an almost custom way! 

Has anyone seen their line of Color + Plus lamps? I love a colored gourd lamp in just about any room or on any console and now you can achieve that at a fraction of the price!

Color Plus Collection - Colored Glass Lamps

At LampsPlus you choose the perfect color to work with your decor and BAM! a custom-like lamp for less than $150 (depending on what you choose)!

I know you are saying to yourself "How great are these colors I get to pick from?" Well, there are about 70+ colors and they are popular paint colors from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams or Pantone colors so you really can get a pretty accurate idea of what you are getting!

Here are some examples from their extensive color chart:
Majolica Green Ovo Table Lamp  Rosemary Green Ovo Table Lamp  Kimono Violet Ovo Table Lamp  Uncertain Gray Ovo Table Lamp  Grayed Jade Ovo Table Lamp  Lemon Zest Ovo Table Lamp

 Blossom Pink Ovo Table Lamp  Pale Pink Ovo Table Lamp    Emerald Ovo Table Lamp  Mocha Ovo Table Lamp  Colonial Tan Ovo Table Lamp  Nectarine Ovo Table Lamp

Once you have selected your color, then you can choose the shape you want for the base and the style and color of the shade and VOILA! Custom lamps shipped to your door!

I picked the Sherwin Williams Majolica Green color for a project I am working are just a few of the different shapes and shades available:

Majolica Green White Lattice Drum Ovo Table Lamp  Majolica Green Bold Stripe Ovo Table Lamp

Majolica Green Apothecary Table LampMajolica Green Ovo Floor Lamp

These lamps run from $99 to $249 for the floor lamps. I am so excited to use this line of lamps in my upcoming projects...I wonder if I'll ever use a color twice!

And this post was not sponsored by Lamps Plus- I just wanted to share my excitement about this new product with my peeps! Happy Shopping!


  1. Wow! I love being able to personalize my own room decor! What a great find! Thanks, Joanne!

  2. Woow, that is awesome! Lamps are definitely one of my weaknesses and it would be so cool to be able to design one to perfectly match a room in my home!

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