Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Selecting Wall Art

One of the most challenging parts of pulling together a room is selecting artwork. It is such a personal decision, I always rely on client involvement so I don't include pieces that might not resonate with them.

While on my art hunts, I was contacted by an amazing Australian company, Entanglements. They specialize in metal wall hangings that are truly quite beautiful!
Bamboo Single

Here is their take on selecting artwork for your home:

"Find a piece of wall art that will become part of your life. Wall art is the perfect way to turn a room in your home from generic to intimate. The decoration of a blank wall means the transformation of the space. Your walls really can talk if you give them the opportunity. The only hard part is find the perfect piece that will fit perfectly into your home, because with a wall hanging, the possibility for expression and detail is infinite, so you need to follow your instincts and trust your intuitions when deciding on what you want. After all, you will be living with it for a long time, so you need to really be in love with it."

Chrysler Building
"Color is a good way to begin, as it's one of the first sensory perceptions of a room or space. The color you choose in your art work should enhance and reflect the color of your room as a complement. There is nothing wrong with unexpected colors in your artwork either. A large canvas or piece will make a bold, determined statement whereas pieces of a smaller scale will give a delicate and compartmentalized air. If you want smaller pieces, consider a series of matching pieces that can be hung side by side or in different parts of a space linking the room through a common thread."

Flutter - Flat screen

"Shape is an important recurrent theme too. If you have many hard edges or right angles in your space a round shape could potentially look out of place, or it could provide a welcome break for the eye. Whatever you choose, just make sure you love it. Browse wall art and commissions at Entanglements."
Dive Set of 4
Besides the beautiful metal wall hangings- I loved the privacy screens they have! Thank you, Entaglements for your contributions and for sponsoring this post!

Moorish Screen Door

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  1. Thanks for the good tips, as I never know what to hang on a wall or what I would like in the first place. As always, a nice post.


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