Monday, February 11, 2013

Ivy & Piper Shoppable mag....GENIUS!

So we survived blizzard Nemo or whatever they named this most recent attack from Mother Nature on the bewildered East Coast. Where I live we got about 12" of snow. The winds never progressed as they thought they would and thankfully we didn't lose power. I sort of could have predicted that we wouldn't lose power because we got our generator delivered this past Tuesday (just a side note...we bought it after losing power for over a week after Sandy in November 2012 and it just arrived...)

As the delivery guy was lowering it into our shed I whispered to my husband..."this will pretty much insure that we won't lose power for another 5 years!" You know how those things work......

Source: via Mark on Pinterest

Anyway, no school/work on Friday due to the storm so I was busy mommy-ing and on my computer this weekend with client work. Much to my surprise, Sunday evening I received this little Aussie pretty in my inbox:

They had me at "Summer".....and Navy....I am totally dying to do a navy room! But seriously, I do always enjoy when Ivy & Piper comes into my email.  And it looks like they stepped it up again- their newest issue is a SHOPPABLE LOOKBOOK! So clever! So sneaky...I can actually get into trouble this way!

I think my favorite spread is on page 30 where Ivy & Piper features a gallery wall and you can actually shop for almost all the art! I am high on the hunt for artwork for a client so I was clicking my heart out!

If you haven't wandered over to Ivy & Piper- get yourself over there! And you can subscribe so you are lucky enough to get this little pretty in your inbox!


  1. I have not heard of Ivy and Piper and will go check it out. Glad you did not lose power. I am in the Midwest, no blizzard or heavy snowfall here this year yet, but yesterday and today we are having high winds. I wish we had a generator as it seems to be a must-have these days.

  2. Thanks for posting about Ivy & Piper! Can't wait to check it out!


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