Friday, August 3, 2012

Ottoman Options

Hey all! This has been a busy week so I have been a little light on the posting. Today I am shopping some ottoman options for a client (still!). In this project we are going to use the ottoman as a cocktail table. This room is mostly neutral and the client has young children so choosing an upholstered ottoman gives us a chance to bring some great fabric into the room and use something that is kid-friendly. Some things to consider when shopping for an ottoman as a cocktail table:
  • Ottomans are typically a little shorter than a standard cocktail table. This makes it more comfy to rest your feet on which is the original purpose of the ottoman! For my client, we are going to add casters to raise the height a little. I am liking these.
  • Ottomans used as cocktail tables usually require trays for resting drinks, etc. so be prepared to shop for those as well!
  • Consider a tufted ottoman vs. a non-tufted ottoman- usually this is a matter of preference. It is important to note that should you choose to re-upholster this ottoman at any point, a tufted ottoman will be more expensive to reupholstered.
Here are some I am considering this:
West Elm Essex
 In these velvet pimped out is a velvet ottoman? Might be just the right amount of edge for this room!

Already shared this one in a previous post:

Target Tufted Ottoman

Here are some of my inspiration photos. This is what I am pinning!

Source: via Patricia on Pinterest

Happy Decorating!

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