Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Morning Book Review: Window Treatment Books

We are back for the Monday Morning Book Review! In today's book review, you are getting a 2 for 1. I am going to share a book with you that I have and a book that I want....mainly because my birthday is coming up and maybe you are looking for something to get me:)

This first book travels with me on all of my client appointments. I whip it out once we start discussing window treatment options. When I throw out the words cornice, valance, inverted pleat or jabot I watch my client's eyes glaze over and realize what we need is a big colorful picture to get their attention back so out comes the Big Book of Window Treatments. While it is called the Big Book of Window Treatments, it isn't really BIG. It is full of content and great illustrations on various window treatment options but it is paperback which makes it easy to tote around and very colorful.

This book covers every window treatment option you could think of: blinds, roman shades, curtain options, shutters, pleat options and even bedding options. It shares good info on fabric requirements, measuring windows and fullness of the treatments. You have everything you need at your fingertips to select the right window treatment for your home or project. If you check it out on Amazon, you can even view some of the pages (I love that feature!)

The next book is also an amazing book of window treatments. It is the Design Directory of Window Treatments.

This book has an amazing glossary of window treatment terms so explaining some of these more intricate treatments becomes a little easier.....(could you define a Festoon off the top of your head? Not me....) There are also over 1300 illustrations of said window treatments (so maybe you don't even have to explain them!) There is also a version that comes with a CD Rom of line drawings to use in projects. Sounds amazing.... me want.  If you head over to Amazon you can sneak-peek the inside of this one, too!

Do you have any books that you must carry around with you to clients appointments or for your own design? Send me an email and I'll review it here!

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