Wednesday, August 8, 2012

If the pouf is in- whatever happened to the bean bag chair?

As I started to share yesterday, I am in the midst of an overhaul in my own home. I did sell my living room couch on Craigslist yesterday so now my attention has turned to my den to see if I could unload some furniture there.

We have a big den which we split in two: one side to service the kids and one side to service the adults. Our side has the fireplace and the flat screen and the kid side has a craft section, toy organization, the Wii and some kiddie table and chairs. This setup served us well when the kiddos were young but we have been in our house ten years and our darling babies are no longer babies (boo!).  I need to create a more mature but playful area for the kids so they can play Wii, watch movies and hang out all within our view.

Coincidentally (or I call it karma) I was approached by about writing a post on the use of bean bag chairs in home design. At first, I had flashbacks of the bright neon beanbags that graced many a dorm room in my day. But I was curious….so I took to Pinterest for some inspiration.

Okay, not sure if I would consider this a bean bag chair but I think we are getting somewhere....

Source: via Joanne on Pinterest

Now this looks cool....definitely bean bags and I am digging the vibe here....
Source: via Joanne on Pinterest

Colorful, fun and playful.....
Source: via Joanne on Pinterest

Now this bean bag chair just looks way too cool....I could find myself enjoying this...
Source: via Joanne on Pinterest

Wow! Besides the fact that I love anything red, this setup is more mature and, shall I say, more sophisticated than bean bag chairs of the past!
Source: via Joanne on Pinterest

What can I say....the mother of all bean bag chairs.....

Now to me, this looks more like a pouf/bean bag hybrid.

With poufs so prevalent on the design scene, I am wondering- why not bean bags? Poufs are the tighter, more buttoned-up descendants of the bean bag....kind of like the stuffy cousin. While I have used many a pouf in my designs, they certainly don't offer the comfort of a bean bag. My son could never sit on a pouf for six hours and play Wii (not that I let him play that long.....most days....)

After my Pinterest surfing I am definitely digging the cool factor of two bean bag chairs for the kids in the den. After checking out the options on I would absolutely hook my kids up with one each. (They are a little pricier than I remember but for the versatility and quality, still cheaper than most chairs!) These bean bags are actually squares that you could mold into so many different uses so it'll suit the kids for movies, chatting and of course playing video games. (I never was sold on those gaming rockers but this I can get into.) With the amazing fabrics (faux leather and lame!) and wide choice of patterns- these are options that will make both me and the kids happy.

 If you feel like you can fit a bean bag in your decor- I highly suggest that you watch the cute video on to see all the uses.

Thank you to for sponsoring this post- the bean bag chairs are theirs but the opinions are all my own.


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