Monday, July 2, 2012

Join the Olioboard BlogHop!

It's Olioboard's BlogHop time! This hop is all about organization! For Homestyling101's contribution, I put together a mood board of the Homestyling101 office including features I would need for the office to function smoothly and stylishly! Scroll down for more info on how to join the hop! But first, take a peek:

Homestyling101 Organizational BlogHop
To view the board closer or to source items from the board, visit me at Olioboard!

In this dream office, I included some major organizational components. First of all, the large cabinet offers closed storage for all my unsightly product catalogs and binders. Those file cabinets from CB2 offer pops of color and lots of storage for client files and other important paperwork. The wall files and baskets can help me keep the most important files at the tips of my fingers. The extra baskets are for larger fabric and carpet samples. There is also a small conference table for client appointments, a comfy chair and ottoman and a big black desk for me to get to work at! And of course, my office would not be complete without my trusty sidekick, Fergie, who assists me on all of my projects! (This is not actually Fergie but a mini-version of her...and yes, we usually fight for the chair!)

Now, to join the OlioHop, go over to Olioboard and create your very own organizational mood board (if you haven't joined, it's totally FREE!) Then come back and post the link to your board in the comments section of my blog. You should also visit the other talented bloggers to see what organizational boards they have created. For those of you who love finding new blogs, this is a collection of talented women and super blogs: I'm sure you'll be inspired to start organizing! 

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  1. Offices are always hard to organize and keep up with! I love that someone else has to fight for chair space with their dog! I usually have to fight for foot space with one of my 3 big dogs! Happy OlioHop!

  2. Very nice design. I love the mixture of materials--and CB2 has great products.

  3. Great use of the extra baskets. I usually keep those samples of fabrics and carpet in file boxes. I love your thought process for office organization. Happy OlioHop!!!

  4. Love Fergie! So cute! I wish I had this much space in my office. I think I have this much furniture but not enough space! You post and writing mine has inspired me to get super ORGANIZED in my own office!!

  5. Hello!!
    Love your super large office space!And the way you put it together!

    Nice Post!

  6. Great space Joanne! I too would love an office where fabrics aren't piled high on top of each other ;) Oh and that Layla Grace bookshelf is fab. It was fun hopping with you!

  7. Great space! I agree that I would love to have that amazing of an office! Love the separate table area - great place to lay things out and even meet with clients!

  8. Hey Joanne! Catching up on blog comments today after sharing links & pages yesterday on FB & Twitter! Great job on your board and space planning - Love how you created three zones: a reading nook, working + boards at desk, and the meeting area! Perfect!

    Happy Moodboarding!
    xo Lynda


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