Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Morning Book Review: Style Statement

It's Monday Morning Book review! Today's book is actually more like a design workbook. It is Style Statement: Live by Your Own Design. This book is a fun tool to help you determine what your unique style is. Throughout the book, there are various opportunities to dissect your design, life and personal style. It is also full of profiles of interesting people whom the authors (Carrie McCarthy and Danielle LaPorte) have dissected and labeled with names describing their personal styles: "Innovative Feminine", "Current Sensual", "Simply Crafted", "Timeless Constructive"....just to name a few!

To be honest, I got the book a while ago and life took over so I haven't gotten enough quiet time to complete my own design profile. (Did I mention my kids are not in camp?) After reviewing this book, it certainly has inspired me to keep it by my bedside to get to the end to figure out my design nomenclature! I'll be sure to share once I do...and you can share yours, too! Happy reading!

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