Monday, July 30, 2012

OlioHop: Mom Spot! Link up with us!

I love my kids through and through. My kids are vivacious, funny, full of energy and talkative....VERY TALKATIVE. I can't say I am surprised...I can be quite chatty as can my husband so get the idea. Anyway, while I love to hang on their every word and philosophy about swimming, SpongeBob and Super Mario, at the end of a busy week...sometimes I revel in the delight of sneaking off to my very own nook once the kiddies have been put to bed. Right now my very personal nook is sitting propped up in my bed with the fan on and the door closed...but if I had the chance to create my very own Mom-spot, here is what it would look like:

To view the board closer or to source items from the board, visit me at Olioboard!

What is most important to me in my nook is:
  • a quiet and comfortable place to read iPad, the obnoxious pile of magazines I have and of course, books!
  • a nice clean surface to work on the laptop or sort through fabric and rug samples
  • plenty of closed storage in the dressers
  • some inspirational artwork- (I have a bit of an obsession with chairs....hence my logo)
  • some natural light and some necessary mood lighting with several lamps
  • some pretty orchids...just because!
Hop on over to Olioboard to create your very own Mom-Spot and come back and share the link. I'd love to see what each of you interpret as a place of your own. If you are looking for some inspiration, check out the Mom-spots created by these lovely and talented bloggers.

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And if you haven't checked out Olioboard yet...well, get out from under that rock and sign up- its free and then you can participate in these monthly bloghops and many other contests that Olioboard holds!


  1. Love the "just because" orchids! Flowers are my favorite "just because" items! I too have a thing for husband tells me I would have a house full of accent chairs!

  2. Great little space. It has all the ingredients for personal comfort and least you can go there in you mind.

  3. Beautiful! I agree with Dabble the just because flowers is an awesome touch! My favorite comment is "climb out from under your rock and try olioboard" woot woot! Fab post! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love the fun color play--and that graphic wall! Great space. Such a fun #oliohop.- Julie at Simply Savvy

  5. Flowers are a MUST for me too. I love your's beautiful! And your're a great writer, you have a lovely way with words. Fun read!!

  6. So creative! love the fun colors and patterns

  7. I must admit I need natural light to feel rejuvenated and be able to get creative. Windows are a must for me. Great job I love the pops of colors.

  8. Love the wallpaper!! Great design Board!! We Mommies all love our alone time and spaces.

    Happy Bloghop!

  9. Nice space! I love the four chair prints in fun colors. The bold wall graphic is SO ME!

  10. Beautiful board! Lots of great ideas...I too love to incorporate lots of closed storage in a space.

  11. I'm an orchid and trellis pattern girl too ;) Who can be sad with that combo?


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