Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Morning Book Review: House Beautiful Colors for Your Home

In today's Monday Morning Book Review, I am going to share a book that I flip through for inspiration when selecting paint colors. The book is: House Beautiful Colors for Your Home: 300 Designer Favorites

One of my favorite sections of House Beautiful, the magazine, is where they feature designer's favorite colors- I often find myself ripping those pages out for inspiration so when I saw this book I was absolutely foaming at the mouth for it! I figured once it joined my collection, I would flip through it once in a while but surprisingly, I find myself referring to it often when I am trying to find inspiration for a room plan. I think the layout is genius: you can search paint colors by shade or by the room that the designer uses it in. It also has an entire section dedicated just to the color WHITE!! It is a very useful tool as it has the paint manufacturer and number right next to the paint swatch. And these paint swatches are dead on...they almost look like you can feel the paint on the page. Best part- the book is portable so toting it to appointments or to the paint store is super easy...oh and you can't beat the price!

House Beautiful also has another book but I don't own this one. I am curious how useful it is for the DIY decorator. The description sounds like it is chock full of tips on fabrics, colors and even a home style quiz.
House Beautiful Style 101: 400 Designer Secrets to a Beautiful Home

Maybe next time I find myself in Barnes & Nobles I'll have to give this one a flip through. For the price, I might just have to scoop it up to have the pair. Anyone else check out these House Beautiful books? I'd love to hear more about the 400 Designer Secrets! Happy Reading!

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