Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Peeping Tom Tuesday: Sabrina Soto

So I picked up this week's issue of InTouch magazine (no judgment, please...every once in a while I do need to read something other than a shelter magazine!)

I bought it because of the cover story about JP and bachelorette Ashley as it announces their dream wedding. Turns out, to my dismay, they are not married yet (shocker!)....but I did stumble across a brief article on the effervescent HGTV host Sabrina Soto and her brand new apartment in NYC. I dug up some of these photos from Apartment Therapy to give you a glimpse but if you want to read more, definitely buy InTouch...or at least turn to page 62 while you are at the checkout line and speed-read!
Sabrina Soto..read more at Apartment Therapy
I was pleasantly surprised at how Sabrina blends the contemporary and traditional.....
Courtesy of Apartment Therapy

And of course, pops of color and cool organization ideas!
Courtesy of Apartment Therapy
Perhaps the best info in the article is the tidbit revealing that Sabrina Soto got her start after responding to an ad on Craigslist looking for a host for an HGTV show in Washington DC.....hmmm I am way too cynical to have believed that ad if I saw it! Anyway, glad she did....I love Sabrina, her HGTV shows and her line at Target!

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Another BTW, I am going to start to do these Peeping Tom Tuesdays again....are you a peeper like me? Do you like to snoop? All right....it's on!


  1. I love her style and her personality too. Quite a few of the hosts drive me crazy but I love her.

  2. Love Sabrina and love to peep! Every time I take my son to speech I bring a book, but end up reading one of the old Us Weekly's that are someone else's discard. A guilty pleasure for sure!

  3. So glad Peeping Tom Tuesday is back! I will look forward to Tuesdays each week! Sabrina seems like she'd be a cool friend to have, thanks for sharing her apartment decor! Unfortunate guilty pleasure of trashy magazine awaits!


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