Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 was a good year...ready for 2012!

So I have been a bit nostalgic while wrapping up 2011 in my household and with my business. This past year was filled with some challenges but also with many blessings. I am grateful to all my clients, new and old, who keep my job fun and exciting every day. I am grateful that I ventured out to start this blog mid-year and had the opportunity to connect with so many talented and inspiring people! I just dipped my toe in the blogging world in 2011 but for 2012 I will be diving right in! I was absolutely amazed at how gracious and open the blogging community has been and I am resolving to blog more regularly next year. Here are a few thank you's to the people who opened their space up to me in 2011:

Thank you to Caroline over at SmartyPantsMama for inviting me to contribute here about Moms creating nooks of their own!
Read more here

Thank you to Toujours for inviting me to contribute here:

Thank you to for featuring Homestyling101 and many of our holiday decorating ideas here!

And now that 2012 is staring us in the eye...why not pledge to take it by storm! Come join the SmartMamaLUTION and tackle those New Year's Resolutions one day at a time! I took the pledge and I will be guest posting one of those days, too!

Take the Pledge!

Now I'm off to start ringing in the New Year! See you all in 2012!

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