Monday, December 5, 2011

Charitable giving with your holiday gifts

As I slowly work my way through my insanely long Christmas list, buying gifts for my friends and family whom I cherish so much, I am continuously reminded about how blessed I am. Not just because I have such wonderful people in my life but because we are all fortunate enough to be able to indulge ourselves and our children in this massive shopping frenzy.

I also take the time to give to the less fortunate, whether it is adopting a family in need, putting some toys into the Toys for Tots bin or dropping extra change into the Salvation Army Santa collections. The idea of children without something to celebrate just about breaks my heart:( So when I am shopping for the people I love, love to buy those gifts that give back, too.
Salvation Army

Let's face it, I still have to get something for my dear aunts or teachers but when the gift gives in return, it is much more meaningful. Here is a round-up of some of my favorite charitable gifts this season:

I love this Etched Mercury Class Candlepot from Pottery Barn where 50% of purchase price goes to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Pottery Barn

I also love these super cool, graphic mugs from West Elm that benefit Teach America- 50% of purchase price goes to that charity. Isn't this a great teacher gift? Check them out, they also have mugs which donate to other can find one that suits that special someone!
Teach America Mug from West Elm
You absolutely have to check out this amazing website, Presents for Purpose. This site is filled with wonderful gifts and all purchases benefit a specific charity. It is like one-stop-charitable-shopping!
Here are some of the things I loved at Presents for Purpose:
Loving this bracelet....and you pick the charity it benefits!
Cool Metro Tote- can be personalized and donates to your selected charity!
Or this beauty of a charm bracelet benefiting children's special!
I hope this helped your holiday shopping with a little bit of giving back, too! Do you have any charitable gifts you like to buy? Happy Shopping!

BTW- I was not given any money or gifts for publishing this post- I just like to share the things I like with the people I like:)

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