Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Peeping Tom Tuesday: Tori Spelling's Nursery for Baby #3

I am a Tori Spelling fan and while I was a big 90210 fan back in the day, Donna was not my favorite character. But Tori in real life......I am a fan. I do tune in weekly to watch the Tori and Dean show. I think Tori is surprisingly down-to-earth especially given her lavish upbringing. She seems sweet and funny and I am constantly amazed by how creative she is...whipping ideas out faster then babies! And speaking of babies, Tori and Dean just welcomed their third baby, a little girl Hattie Margaret.

Another tidbit about Tori is that she is a decorating junkie...she loves to flea market and antique (and hoard!) She even opened a store in Sherman Oaks,InvenTORI,to try to sell her fantastic finds and collectibles after her husband became frustrated with her multiple storage units! ( a girl after my own heart...I never met a piece of furniture I couldn't fit into storage!!)
Tori Spelling in her store InvenTORI
So, of course, I was just dying to check out the nursery she whipped together (most likely coordinated while in labor!) for her third baby and second daughter, Hattie Margaret. Check out the video below for Tori's tour. I still remember the room she did for her son Liam with dark blue doors and trim. I admire her fearlessness in treating molding and doors as opportunities to pop the color! Enjoy!

Inside Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's New Baby Girl's Nursery!

It has come to my attention that this first link was not working so you can try this one:


Seriously, people....three times a charm...I am sending you to this blog whose author is obviously more tech saavy because you can see the video of the nursery here (I hope...if not, I give up!)

Just cut and paste that link into your browser...if you even care anymore! This is too much work...damn Access Hollywood for a stinky link!

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  1. LOVE! So glad the link is working--Tori has such great style--love the old mixed with the new


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