Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Peeping Tom Tuesday: George Clooney in Italy!

This week's Peeping Tom Tuesday is inspired by the Golden Globes which aired this Sunday....I DVR'd the Golden Globes and watched it in fast forward (which, by the way, is the recommended way to watch awards shows!) Needless to say, the people were beautiful, the speeches were boring and George Clooney was charming....it was kind of what you would expect from an awards show.

George Clooney
So, this week's peeping Tom Tuesday is George Clooney who just seems to be one of those annoyingly perfect people who is just great at everything he does....and during his acceptance speech for Best Actor, I started to day-dream about running off to his quaint little abode in Italy.....did I mention that I was there? Yes, I was....on a little boat on the lake where a tour guide pointed and said...."that is George Clooney's home" but I was there nonetheless! Anyway here are some shots...

That's me on the boat! Just kidding! All pics via CBS
Gorgeous, right? I was hard pressed to find an interior shot of the home....these damn celebrities and their privacy...I mean, really!

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  1. Gorgeous, Joanne. I keep saying that someday I will eat and drink my way through Tuscany. I might have to add George's lake to my list. A girl can dream...


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