Monday, January 23, 2012

Creative Tile Layouts

So I have been working with a client for a while now to pull together her home which is in the process of being built. We have been working on the kitchen and baths....for a while. Like every other client, we are trying to be respectful of a budget. In an effort to make these bathrooms look fab while using less expensive porcelain tile, I am trying to introduce some creative tile patterns to add a bit of interest. Here are some inspiration photos:

Loving the scale difference here...continuing the floor tile up heightens seems like a glowing tunnel...our shower in question does not have three walls...we have two walls and two glass walls....loving anyway!
Source: via Kasey on Pinterest

If you find a great tile in two color-ways...why not stripe it? Unique but not complicated to execute...score!

I love defining the space with tile pattern...very clean looking....classic black white and!
Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Ok, I am not a lover of this bathroom overall...but I LOVE the way they utilize the large tile horizontally in the shower and in a chevron pattern for the tub surround and floor...this looks like a 12" x 24" tile the client actually selected...we might be on to something!

Now that I have some inspiration photos, I am off to meet the client at the tile store this week to see if we can't agree on something!

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  1. Where did you buy the basketweave marble?


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