Thursday, January 19, 2012

Project 2012: Painted Piano

One of the projects I would really love to complete this year would be to re-finish this piano.

It isn't overly expensive or particularly beautiful...but it is sentimental. It was my Mom's piano, it was the piano I played as a child and since I lost my Mom as a child, I am eager to keep this hand-me-down and restore its beauty. One little problem...I am a chicken! I am petrified that if I try to beautify it, I will destroy it! So, I am putting it out there in January that I would like to restore this piano by year's end. Ok, now I have eleven months to get the courage, unclench my knuckles and start are some inspirations....

a bit of color......

a wee bit more color...

a little more of a punch of color....

holy red, batman!

shut up with the chevron!

or should I go a bit more chill.....btw loving the garden stool bench...our bench broke years ago!
Source: via Joanne on Pinterest

and this is just serenity now!

Ok, I have worked myself into a panic at the thought of doing this! Give me a nudge...pick your favorite!!
All pictures via my Pinterest! Check it out here!


  1. It is great that you are holding on to a family heirloom that means so much. The turquoise pianos are quite stunning. I quite like the idea of a grey one. I also have inherited my grandfather's piano which I used to play.

  2. Can you believe that I have never even thought about painting a piano?! I absolutely adore the examples you chose! My favourite has got to be the white one in the last picture - it's beeeeaaauuutiful!

  3. LOVE them all! Although, a classic might be best remembered as a classic--I'm going with the white! Best of luck pulling the trigger on this project! I'm available to help you paint!


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