Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Need a new camera! Need advice!

Ok, so I have been very lazy in the blogging world. Just can't seem to get myself to focus on the keyboard long enough to type something! Plus, I left my camera on the patio table and was surprised to find that not only did my camera spend the night outside, but that we had torrential downpours that night. Oh well, T-minus one camera. Needless to say, I am blaming the rain on my lack of posts the last two weeks.

Also, because I just didn't want to have to fess up to the fact that I failed to complete many (or any!) of the projects that were on my long to do list that I so regretfully shared here. Or, I can blame Pottery Barn for keeping the lamp I ordered past the backorder date- totally robbing me of any motivation to move past the lamp on my to-do-list. (Good news, they called and it just shipped out last night!!)
Pottery Barn long awaited lamp

Now, top of the list is to purchase a new point and shoot camera. I have always had a long string of Canon Elphs but I am feeling inclined to try something new...any advice on the Kodak EasyShare? It seems to have lots of MegaPixels and a great zoom....I realize that I never use the features on the more expensive cameras I seem to buy (and break!)
Easy Share $99

I have also been in the process of drawing up contracts for my next staging project- it is a home that is currently occupied but we are renting some furniture anyway. The budget is super tight so I have to get very creative to make this place shine! Even need to replace the curtain panels (which I rarely have to do in staging for some reason). So, hopefully my next posts will include new pics on my new camera, followed by a long list of completed projects, followed by a successful staging project...oh, to dream!

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