Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Love Letters: Monograms in Design

So I have a small confession to make....I am addicted to pillows. I am constantly buying pillows that I love for either my home, my dream home (which I don't own, haven't found and can't afford) or a future client's home. To me, pillows are like little lost puppies, just wanting to come home with me. Hence, the collection in my garage and my storage unit! In fact, I might have a pillow sale soon just so I can let some of these puppies go to some new homes and happy, deserving owners!
Ballard Design's Basic White Twill Pillow

Anyway, my latest pillow indulgence lead me to Ballard Designs to get a super cool monogrammed pillow. One, single, bold-letter monogrammed on a white twill pillow will really pop in my den and distract from the couches that I am itching to replace (when we move to the dream home, perhaps!) They are on sale, too! (The pillows, not the couches...) Here are the ones I now own!

I was completely inspired to get initial pillows after falling head-over-heels for the block initial pillow of Jonathan Adler's.....

In fact, I used a block initial pillow from a great Etsy artisan in the nursery I just completed.

There is such a momentous sentimentality in marking a birth or a marriage with a cool monogrammed pillow of the new last name or new baby name. Do you have any typography in your homes, or your couches?

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  1. LOVE THIS!! That nursery pillow is classic yet modern-and I adore your "P" mixed with the patterned pillow-you're hired for my next nursery (when the time comes)!


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