Friday, August 12, 2011

A Steal on Curtain Hardware

I can never resist a bargain....and window hardware can certainly eat up the budget so it is nice to save a few extra coins whenever possible!

I have used these streamlined curtain rods and finials from West Elm in many projects. I love their sleek style and contemporary vibe....and their price isn't too terrible.... 60"-108" is $49...
West Elm Metal Rod, Cylinder Finial
 But then I found these new rods at Curtainworks....their 66"-120" rod is only $34.99! Hey...every penny counts!
CurtainWorks Barrel Adjustable Rod
And as for quality, while I haven't purchased these myself, I have used Curtainworks curtain rods in multiple projects...and they look fab!

And by the way, I am in no way paid to endorse their products.. I truly think they are a great affordable option...however, if Curtainworks would like to send me some free stuff....I wouldn't complain!!


  1. Great deal on the other rods. We have the West Elm ones in a few rooms and I love them but I could use a cheaper one for some other areas in the house.

  2. Thanks, Anna! Those West Elm curtain rods are divine...but so is a little extra dough, right?

  3. Steal on curtain hardware is given here. Read all about it


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