Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fave Fabric Pattern: Suzani!

While on my shopping hunt for multiple client projects, I have quickly fallen for the Suzani pattern that I am seeing everywhere!
Fab Suzani Fabric
While Suzani is my new love, it is far from new! This decorative tribal textile from Central Asia (countries like Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan...no Borat jokes, please!) is far from new. In fact, the oldest surviving Suzani's around are from the early 18th and 19th centuries.
Gorgeous Print from ZGallerie!

Gorgeous Print #2 from ZGallerie

So what makes a print a Suzani? Some common elements of the Suzani pattern are sun and moon disks, scrolling vines, tulips, carnations, irises, fruits and sometimes fish and birds. What makes my heart go pitter-patter are the vivid colors coupled with the swirly vines which just seems to breathe life into a room. Check out this guest room in Kathryn M. Ireland's home with an antique Suzani pillow. (You might know her from a little show called Million Dollar Decorators!)

Kathryn M. Ireland  Guest Room
 Here is one of the Suzani patterns from Kathryn M. Ireland's glorious fabric line. Those colors are soooo insane!
Amazing Series of Suzani from Kathryn M. Ireland...Love!

Just in case that is out of your budget....here is some affordable Suzani for the home....
World Plus Suzani Curtains

Have you found any Suzani that you love? Do you already have some Suzani in your home? I am trying to wiggle some in my house somewhere!!

Disclaimer: I am not being compensated by any person or company mentioned in this blog....these are all my own thoughts and finds....although if they would like to compensate me...I love being compensated in products! ha, ha!

BTW- I was totally over the moon to find out that I actually won the Mustard Ceiling giveaway for the Olive Leaf stencil that I told you about the other day! Now I just have to decide where to stencil and which stencil to pick....hmmm...I might need your help- that'll be tomorrow's post!


  1. I love suzani anything..the Kathryn M. Ireland guest room colors are gorgeous!

  2. Suzani and Ikat fabric are very versatile thing for decoration, ,It give very good look on floor as well it also give same look on wall. Thank you for sharing. I really like your blog.
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  3. Your blog about "Fave Fabric Pattern: Suzani" is really fabulous! The tradition of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan is familiar to all of us. I love Suzani very much. I think that if anyone watch Suzani for first time, she/he will fall in love with this Suzani.


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