Monday, July 18, 2011

Peeping Tom Tuesday: Sarah Richardson's Summer Cabin

  For this week's Peeping Tom Tuesday, I am honoring one of my design idols: Sarah Richardson. For those of you who are not familiar with Sarah Richardson, she used to host the show Design, Inc. which chronicled the projects of her design firm. She then transitioned into one of my favorite shows: Sarah's House. On this show, Sarah purchased a house with her own money and renovated it (on a set budget) and then tried to sell it at a profit. The  most recent installment of this series was Sarah's Summer House where she renovated a bachelor pad cabin that her husband owner prior to meeting Sarah. The cool caveat about this cabin is that it is located on a little private island- accessible only by boat and it is run on solar panels. It is featured on the cover of Country Living July/August 2011.
Country Living

I loved watching Sarah navigate through making realistic design decisions for her own family and considering her husband's opinion (a red bedroom...). I have always loved her ability to mesh amazing patterns and colors seamlessly where not one pattern competes but instead compliments the other. Check out the photos below and tell me which room is your favorite! (Oh, did I mention that the invincible Sarah Richardson was pregnant while renovating this home?? So brave.)
Living Room
Master Bedroom Sitting Area
Child's Room
Guest Room


Somehow it Sarah brought the beautiful waters favorite though, is the red bedroom. I am a sucker for a punchy red!

On a personal note- nothing like foiling a plan on the first day! My big two week tackle of my own home decorating projects started with some client phone calls, food shopping and mail....ok, there is always tomorrow!!


  1. If I HAD to choose just one it would be the living room because of it's openness and the view! I admire her ability to mix patterns and colors! I would just worry if I needed milk in hurricane :)

  2. Gosh, Sarah Richardson is the best! Love her! THe living room is my favorite, but that kitchen island is fabulous!

  3. I ADORE Sarah and secretly hope that if we ever met, we'd be friends. Her style manages to be current and fresh, yet she steers clear of being too trendy.


  4. I saw the episodes of her show when she renovated the cottage. I'm a fan of the LR, and who wouldn't want to stay in that little guest house detached from the main cottage? Gorgeous!


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