Friday, July 29, 2011

Good Decor Reading....

I have to confess, I am a book junkie. During a summer in college, I interned at Book of the Month Club in the Time Warner building in NYC. Partially because it was so cool to work in a building filled with such incredible companies right in the heart of NYC and partially because they paid me in books.

Yes, the internship was non-paying....but they had a little section in the office that was called 'the free book shelf'.....needless to say, I got paid very well that books. I would salivate over books that weren't even about interests of mine..., gardening, history, geography....I loved the photos, the random topics and that new book smell was like a natural high for me. 

While mail-order publishing did not turn out to be my life's work, I did learn a lot that summer and at the end of August, the people I worked with were gracious enough to ship home the boxes upon boxes of free books that I had accumulated in my little cubicle that summer.

Needless to say, one of the first things we did when we bought our home was to rip down the faux-wood paneling in the den and have custom built-in bookshelves made. I needed a home for my collection after all!

So, I share all this in a very interesting lead-in to some of my favorite design books. One of which I don't even physically have yet! It is the Design*Sponge at Home and is currently available through pre-order at Barnes and Noble. For those of you who follow the Design Sponge blog (check it out here), you have already heard about the amazing 50% offer for those who pre-order by end of day July 29th! (it officially ends at 2:59am EST on July 30th).This book is like an amazing encyclopedia of design and you can't beat the price!
Order now!

Here is another one of my favorite decorating handbooks that I actually got at a garage sale!
 The Pocket Decorator by Pamela and Leslie Banker. It is hard to find- but it helps me recall the terms I have forgotten since design school (klismos, batik, get the idea!)

 And one more book for the shopping list: Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook....just because it makes me feel like an authority at home!

BTW- I am super excited to be Guest Blogging at Smarty Pants Mama on Monday! If you aren't already a fan- go check it out a day in advance....and I'll see you there Monday!

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the references! Didn't know you could "guest blog" Being such an amazing Mom, Smarty Pants will be lucky to have you! Can't wait to check it out!


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