Tuesday, September 18, 2012

That Fabric is Following Me!

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you'll see the same item, the same pattern or the same fabric popping up all over the place? I feel like that is happening to me! I was at Calico Corners last week fabric shopping for several clients and I took a cutting of this fabric:

It is quite stunning in person. I took a clipping for a pillow possibility. The next day I was doing computer work and catching up on some episodes of my favorite show Sarah's House- not sure which season it is considered but it is the season where Sarah buys a home in a development and then invests about $100,000 in upgrades....(she shows how she spends the upgrades and puts the room together.) Low and behold, what fabric does the uber-talented Sarah pull out to show her side-kick, fellow designer, Tommy? This same fabric!! And she was going to do a whole chair in it!! I die.... I wish I could find a picture of the chair but I can't....anyway you must check out Sarah's site if you haven't - it is chock-full of goodies and an overview of her furniture line which they will ship to the US!

Here is an ottoman of Sarah's since I am an ottoman freak! This ottoman is $1,176 for a 48" x 48" (quite large!) and you can do COM (customer's own material) with no up-charge! Holla!

Sarah Richardson Chelsea Ottoman

Anyway, back to the fabric that is following me. I was shopping accessories at one of my favorite sites Belle & June and I saw this pillow!

Ranjani Artemesia Pillow

Seriously beautiful! What about this find...

Oh and if you are interested, Belle & June has free shipping on any purchases over $50...check it out here! I for one am going to figure out how to use this fabric since it has popped up three times already! It is meant for me.....

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  1. Hi, I love, love ottomans too. Not sure if I like this fabric or not, but it is growing on me and seems to be a subtle use from the animal print craze. Have a lovely day.


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