Monday, September 10, 2012

Look what Restoration Hardware is doing plus new issue of House of Fifty!

Morning all! I have a few fun things to share this morning. Did anyone know that Restoration Hardware is now doing custom window shades and blinds? Crazy. I personally love that Restoration Hardware trademark look of worn linen, aged leathers and distressed woods. Their pieces all feel like they have a bit of history to them and I love to use RH in my projects. From flipping around online, it looks like their custom shades have the same rich feel....and the price seems fairly reasonable! Check these pics out...
Gorgeous! Relaxed Roman Shade

RH Wooden Blinds
RH Flat Roman Shade

 Pretty amazing...right? BTW, this is not an endorsed post- I am just really loving these and wanted to share! Also sharing the new issue of House of Fifty....this issue is all about "Women, Interiors and Fashion"

House of Fifty Sept/Oct 2012
As a mother, designer, lover of fashion, this issue is quite a fun read! Enjoy!
Ok, now back to work.....


  1. Thanks for sharing and I love the new House of Fifty magazine!

  2. I really like that flat Roman shade! Thanks Joanne.

  3. Its looking elegant with restored furniture and nicely maintained older house.


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