Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Someone made a purchase!

Look who made a purchase! I just picked these puppies up for my living room....

The Pottery Barn Bhotah Drapes in natural....they also come in blue...LOVE!

Pottery Barn is having a major sale on drapes and rugs right now so get your shopping on! And if you are my client, give me a holla because you know I get a discount on top of that sale...and if you're not my client then give me a holla so we can change that and hook you up with this...

 The Pottery Barn Beni Ourain Rug......I have lots of Pottery Barn wool rugs and they wear VERY well...mine are going on 9 years old and look brand new....two dog....husband with big feet.....great quality!

Will show you pics when my curtains come in! If you'd like to place a Pottery Barn order...shoot me an email and I'll hook you up!!

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