Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nadeau: the fastest growing furniture company in the US

I am so lucky to be related or friends with so many talented and uber-cool women. One such woman is a cousin of mine...second cousin, maybe third cousin but on both sides of one family...I'm Italian, it's complicated. Needless to say, whatever the blood-line is, this said cousin and I were always close growing up as we lived in the same town, went to the same school, vacationed together- you get the idea. Now she lives a bit of a distance away and is currently in the process of decorating her first "home in the 'burbs" and I am so excited to help her! But as a designer, I find that my clients (or cousins in this case) often become great sources of information- some of the best tradespeople, shops or products have been introduced to me from my clients and that is one of the things I love most about this job- the people I get to work with! Ok, circling back to my original topic: said cousin has been on the hunt for Mad Men inspired window treatments and through our back and forth emails she drops the line "I don't know if you know about this store but I walked by it the other day". I clicked the link and it was like the skies parted and the light came shining down from above...I am officially smitten with Nadeau Furniture with Soul. They dub themselves "the fastest growing furniture company in the US" and I can see why....

NYC Store new favorite place

V107 $192
Seriously, $192 ???
V097 $295
Gigantic Mirror for $295....what?
V097 $489
Please don't buy this...I am going now to snatch it up for $489!!!

Great pieces, great a treasure hunt for the design-obsessed! These pieces shown here are in the NYC store however, Nadeau is a national company so check the website to see if there is a store near you. Let me know if you get hooked on Nadeau, too! And thanks to my cuz for sharin' the love!


  1. Loved ur blog...that cuz is very stylish!!!

  2. Would love to meet you in person! Thanks for the love!
    The NYC nadeau Team!

  3. Hi! Nice to e-meet you as well! I've heard of Nadeau, now I'm even more curious, maybe they will grow into Westchester soon!:)


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