Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cool Alert: Amber Interiors and the Shoppe

Before I started this blog a year ago, I was (an still am) an avid reader of multiple other blogs. Some are DIY blogs, some are Mommy blogs but my favorites are designer blogs- blogs written by other designers chronicling their trials and tribulations in the business and often in decorating their own home. Over time, I begin to feel like these fellow bloggers are dear friends of mine so when one of them has a great accomplishment, I want to run and share.

One of the first blogs I started reading was the Amber Interiors Blog. Amber is a super chic designer in CA- I totally admire her fearless use of color and pattern and she has made great strides within the design community. Superwoman Amber also started her own online shop to compliment her design biz and this stuff is AMAZE-BALLS! I haven't had the right project to make my first purchase yet but I'm sure I will soon. And she must have been hearing my cries about the curtain industry the other day because Amber just announced that she is going to have designer fabric curtains "made in standard sizes and at affordable prices" Hallelujah!

 Definitely check her out- the store and the blog- and give her a shout- she is a cool lady doing great things!

Go Shop!

Gorgeous Blankets here!

Amazing Pillows here!

Another Amazing Pillow here!
 Enjoy and let me know if you make any purchases! I'd love to see how Amber Interiors The Shoppe will work in your space!

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