Friday, June 15, 2012

Great Etsy Artisans

Right before I left for Hawaii, I had a great stroke of blog luck...I actually won something! I entered a totally amazing giveaway on one of my favorite blogs, Decor Happy and low and behold...I won! If you are not already a fan of Decor Happy, you really must check it out. Vanessa, the happy behind Decor Happy is an Interior Designer in Canada- she always offers great design ideas, tips and yes, giveaways!

I won the very cool special issue of Domino magazine which I have read and re-read. Definitely a great issue- if it is still available it is the kind of issue you'll keep on the shelf!

 And I have to share two very cool artisans who I was lucky enough to win products from!
The first is a photo from that very talented photographer Tania Fitzpatrick- the best part is that she prints all her photos to fit in square Ikea frames for a high-end look on a budget...a sentiment I adore! Check her Etsy shop out here.
Tania Fitzpatrick
The other artisan who bestowed a gift upon me is the uber-talented Avril Loreti who has amazing tea towels, pillows, etc in her Etsy shop.
Avril Loreti

 And in an effort to share the love, I am in the process of planning a little giveaway for you all once things quiet down a bit over here! Thank you to Vanessa for introducing me to these amazing artisans! More to come with my own giveaway soon!

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  1. Congrats! Great links too. I love finding new Etsy artisans, and especially love the high/low idea. Budget is my middle name these days so it's great to find original art that doesn't break the bank. Thanks for sharing!


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