Monday, October 31, 2011

Hollywood Haunted House

I have a mini-obsession with movie homes and I have become completely hooked on the blog Hooked on Houses which has the most amazing info on movie, tv and celebrity homes. In honor of Halloween, I am sharing some pictures via Hooked on Houses of one of my favorite Hollywood  Haunted Houses...from the movie Practical Magic.  Have a great Halloween and be safe!

This amazing Victorian was built just for the is truly one of a kind!

The interiors of the home were all sets built in an LA authentic!

And the eerily normal town scenes were filmed in Coupeville in Washington State.

What is your favorite scary movie home? And do check out the blog Hooked on is daily read for me!


  1. This house would have been so fun to see. Your post was perfectly suited for Halloween week!


  2. I'm a little behind here, but I love this post, Joanne! I think I enjoyed Practical Magic so much because of that gorgeous house and the setting. Hooked on Houses is a great blog too.


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