Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mood Board for Mod Living Room

So, one of my very favorite cousins just moved into a new home and emailed me last week asking about an upcoming sofa purchase. She asked what my thoughts were on purchasing a sofa from Raymour and Flanigan.....is that a no-no in the decorating world? Hmmmmm, not sure how other designers feel but I believe that you should purchase the best sofa you can afford and one that best represents your innate style...as for sofas at Raymour and Flanigan- they carry all different manufacturers so I do believe it is important to find out how the sofa is constructed before dropping the dough on it.  This was the sofa she was considering from Raymour and Flanigan. I love the style and it seems to be pretty well made. So here is the complimentary mood board I put together (centered around the Raymour sofa) to inspire the rest of the room:

She had mentioned that she loved cherry blossom pillows she had seen around so I used those as a starting point and worked off of those. And I am loving the Etsy finds here...that lovebird painting is sweet and dark at the same time...they are corny love birds...but they are crows so that is kind of dark...loving the vibe! The pillows are also from some of my fave Etsy artisans, too!
Here are some of the items in the board:
Pottery Barn Peyton Drapes
Pottery Barn Bryant Floor Lamp
Crate and Barrel Lynx Rug
Pair of Cherry Blossom Pillows by amazing etsy artisan
Chevron Pillows by amazing Etsy artisan
Love Birds artwork by amazing Etsy artisan

In the end, my cousin purchased another sofa she had her eye on....it is red and very sleek...can't wait to see it in person and maybe design a new board around that one as well!

BTW, just to let you all know, I put together inspiration boards for many clients who do not live close by. Contact me for more details and I can help you develop your own room plan...plus you get full access to my discounts on any products purchased!

FYI, this board was put together solely for design purposes and I am not endorsing any of the products or companies used....I just use what I love!

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