Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pink Purchases Against Breast Cancer!

So October is Breast Cancer Awareness month (yes, I realize October is almost over!)as many of you already know. I found this very cool list of 19 Pink Purchases on the Oprah website that benefit breast cancer awareness and research and just felt like I had to share!
Thank you, Oprah! Great list!

Some or all of the proceeds of the purchase of these items go towards Breast Cancer charities...I love when shopping benefits more than just fulfilling my dirty little desire to shop!
You can find the entire list here but here are some of my faves on the list:

Rebecca Taylor Cami 50% proceeds are donated! Buy it here!

Dying for this pink sapphire from DeVille Fine Jewelry...100%  proceeds donated! Buy it here!

Top it off with some sweets! Buy these here!
Hoping that all our shopping will benefit this great cause. Feel free to share other goodies whose proceeds benefit breast cancer! More reasons to shop and more money going to a great cause!

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