Friday, November 4, 2011

Virtual Room Design Giveaway

I apologize if this is a repeat for some of did not publish to my email subscribers!
I have a new giveaway this weekend! This past Wednesday...(after finally getting power back after 3 1/2 days!) I had the pleasure of hosting a vendor table at the Visiting Nurse Association Benefit Book Signing. Sarah Brokaw (daughter of Tom Brokaw) was there to sign and present her new book Fortytude which inspires women to make the best of their forties and beyond...and you can buy it here.

Anyway, it was a great night- the guests were wonderful, intelligent women- many of whom had some interest in having their home decorated. The Homestyling101 table was filled with portfolio pics and the chance to win a Virtual Room Design for anyone who left their email to subscribe to this blog! So now, I am opening that giveaway up to my current readers as well!
A photo of the Homestyling101 vendor table at the Book Signing

What you win: A Virtual Room Design- If you win, you can email me pics of the room in question along with some specifics on what you would like to do with the room and I will put together an inspiration board with all new items, colors, accessories, etc for you to use! (Example below...)

How to enter: Subscribe to this blog!
Or....follow us on Twitter here.
Or....Like us on Facebook here.
and just leave a comment on this blog to let me know how you entered (and you can do all three if you would like!) Leave one comment per entry!

This contest has been extended to run through Wednesday, November 9th at 8 pm. Share with your friends and enter as much as you can! Good Luck!


  1. This would be WONDERFUL!!!
    I follow your page on Facebook - that's how I learned of this great contest!

  2. I love following your work Joanne. This giveaway is outrageous......


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