Monday, November 7, 2011

Great online magazines are here!

Now that we finally have power back, I spent a few hours catching up on some of my blog reading, going through some emails, pinning some things on Pinterest- basically being a complete computer junkie. And lucky sloth-like behavior leads to this very juicy post sharing three uber-cool online publications that are 'must-reads' in my book.

First, House of Fifty, the holiday issue. This mag is the creation of Janell Beals, author of the Isabella and Max blog. It is filled with contributions from a multitude of design-blogging veterans and it is quite the page turner! Complete with a great gift giving guide, tips for hosting house guests through the holidays and a great feature on a decor photographer who offers some insight on getting a good shot! You can subscribe, too, so future issues don't miss your inbox!
This is a holiday MUST READ! Check it out here!
And just in case you missed out on the last issue of House of Fifty, you can check out where I blogged about it here!
Issue Two! Read about it here!
My next recommendation for a good online read is Toujours Magazine, a great lifestyle and decor pub that I stumbled upon on while reading one of my fave blogs, Armonia Decors. Emily Ruddos, author of Armonia Decors, offers great tips on how to get your home fall-worthy. Plus, with articles entitled 'Jewelry for Your Lamp' and 'Not Your Grandmothers Pre Fab' you can tell this magazine has got a lot of personality and inspires visually!
Tou Jours
And the last online mag you have to check out comes to us from down under: Ivy and Piper. I found this publication on another one of my favorite design blogs Amber Interiors. Amber is an interior designer who just oozes cool- and she is a contributor in the lastest Ivy and Piper edition. This image book is so amazing- I'm talking chevron carpeted steps, red and white checkered floors- I am telling you- your eyes won't know what to do first! It will be a pinning fest for all my Pinterest peeps!
Ok, I have shared enough! No go get your Keurigs brewing and start reading! Let me know which you enjoy!
Oh- FYI- in the interest of full disclosure, these publications and blogs have not asked me to write about them or feature them. I am not being compensated in any way. However, if they felt the desire in their little hearts to thank me- I have some ideas of my own!! Really, I wrote about them because I love them and I love to share!


  1. Thanks for introducing me to the second two! Must check them out.

  2. Hi ,
    I love these magazines. Very visual! Thanks for sharing, I really appreciate it!


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