Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Keep the Cold out this Winter!

Today, I would like to welcome to introduce a guest post generously written by Interior Designer, Sharon Harlan. Sharon gives us some great tips on how to keep the cold out this winter...thanks for these great ideas, Sharon!

Three Ways to Fashionably, Discreetly and Cheaply Keep the Cool Air Out
The air has now become cool and crisp, and pretty soon it will be cold and blistering. If your home is lacking in insulation, you may want to start finding ways to block that cold air from entering your home and eating up your energy bill. Although heating costs are steadily rising, you don’t want to defeat your purpose by spending a fortune on various insulators for your windows and doors. However, staying true to your love for home design, you don’t want to be cheap and decrease the beauty of your home by hanging up garbage bags or stuffing sheets around your thresholds. Listed below are three easy ways to keep the cool air out of you home this winter season.
1. Make your own draft snake: This is a simple do-it-yourself project (or you can purchase a pre-made one), and it is probably one of the cheapest ways to insulate your home. To make your own, use these step-by-step instructions found on YouTube here.
2. Purchase heavy, layered curtains: Heavy curtains are a great way to reduce cold drafts from entering your home. They can also add a beautiful design touch to an interior space. The only drawback is that heavier curtains are usually more expensive. However, if you purchase a design that is timeless and useful for many decorating styles, you can keep them hung for a very long time. These great curtains pictured below can be purchased at jcpenney stores and online, and they come in several colors. Currently on sale for $30-$45 per panel, they were also designed specifically for energy saving.  
       3. Purchase a Chimney Balloon: If you have a fireplace, you should consider buying this genius invention. Although most cold air is blocked when you close the damper, there is still a “convection process” of hot air from your home rising into the chimney, cooling once it reaches the top and sinking back down into your home. The Chimney Balloon is supposed to stop this process. Once it has been installed, it can stay fully inflated for years or you can deflate it to use your fireplace. Also, if you forget about the balloon and light your fireplace before deflating it, it will deflate in seconds. The Chimney Balloon can be purchased online at http://www.chimneyballoon.us/chimneyballoon.htm for around $50.00.

Hope you have a safe winter season, and stay nice and cozy in your insulated home!

Sharon Harlan is an Interior Decorator and also owns the site : www.interiordesigndegree.net 
She likes to write articles about everything fashion and design.

Thanks Sharon for your valuable contribution! I think I have a draft snake on my to-do list this weekend!

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  1. Such great ideas. I had never heard of the chimney balloon - thank you for that!


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