Monday, June 20, 2011

Peeping Tom Tuesday!

So this is the launch of our new series: Peeping Tom Tuesdays! I bet you readers are so very smart that you can already figure out what this series is going to be about! Ok, for those of you who haven't had your morning coffee yet (or three!) here is how it is going to go down.
Every Tuesday, we will take a peek into a room or home of someone special. I am so excited about this series because as a decorator, I am naturally a voyuer. I love catching a glimpse of people's homes (not just celebrities homes) because what someone chooses to put in their home says so much about them, where they come from and how they like to live. That is the biggest honor of my job: whether staging or decorating, I truly appreciate that people invite me (and my opinions!) into their homes everyday. And that is the true inspiration behind Peeping Tom Tuesdays! Ok, time to get a little naughty and start peeping....

Can you guess who lounges in these living rooms? (Answers at the end!)

Great place to meet the parents....
Kick off your Manolo Blahniks and stay a while...

The true Italian Goddess

A Model Living Room...
Say What You Need to Say- this is a cool room!

Scroll down for the answer key!
And don't forget to enter our first ever-giveaway of Piret and Tamara Surf Eye Silk as seen in Lucky Magazine!

1. Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor
2.Sarah Jessica Parker
3. Donatella Versace
4. Cindy Crawford
5. John Mayer
All courtesy of Elle Decor


  1. I guessed Donatella Versace & John Mayer! I like this game! Peeping Tom Tuesday made my Friday :)

  2. Sorry readers! You can see I am new at Blogger- this was supposed to be scheduled for a Tuesday delivery...that's what you get for working ahead! Anyway, hope you enjoyed it!

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