Monday, June 6, 2011

The Homestyling101 Blog is born!

Ok- I have finally made it my business to blog about my business. So....let's get to it! Before we begin this wonderful journey together, I would like to give you all a bit of background on how I came to do what I do.

I have loved decorating and design since I was just a small precious child, rearranging furniture when my parents least expected it. I carried this passion through my teen years, and was often known to bury my sorrows in a can of paint when boyfriend troubles arose. I think I am the only college student who spent their hard-earned, part-time job money on Fiesta-ware. (Yes, I still have all of it and I swear that my collection is going to fund my children's college education!!)

(Side note: These are just a few of my Fiesta pieces: the green bowl in the background is by far the most valuable piece I own because it was given to me by my Grandmother....or rather, I begged for it after I realized she had a coveted piece of Fiesta among her mish-mash of serving bowls. Of course, she gladly gave it to me and it has been my most cherished piece!)

Needless to say, decorating and design was always a constant in my life. However, after studying Interior Design at FIT, I chose to explore lots of different career outlets (and when you go to school in New York City- you are exposed to sooo many opportunities!) I worked in fashion, publishing, and sales but, design was in my bones and was never too far from my mind.

It wasn't until after I had my two babies that I realized that if I were going to do any job that would take me away from my children- it would have to involve the one thing I loved almost as much as my husband and children and that would be interior design. Hence, I birthed my third greatest creation: Homestyling101, LLC.

Now at Homestyling101, I offer two distinct services. I offer decorating services to both Residential and Commercial clients and I offer Home Staging services to both home-sellers and Realtors. I am excited to have this blog as an avenue to share some of my thoughts, ideas and experiences in this great, crazy-land of design. I hope some of my posts will serve as inspiration for you to strive for accessible design in your own homes!

Whew! Now that the first post is over- I think I got the hang of this. If you are interested in joining the journey, be sure to look at the sidebar to follow or subscribe to Homestyling101, LLC through e-mail. If you are really excited about following along, suggest my blog to the friends who you know are nutty about decorating, too! Oh, and feel free to comment- it gets a little lonely on this side of the blog!


  1. Just wanted to keep you company and tell you that I'm so excited to receive your blog! I love your work and loved working with such a talented designer and genuine person. Keep up the amazing work!
    By the way, my son LOVES his new room! Thank you!

  2. Sounds like fun, can't wait to see your ideas and hopefully photos, Joanne! I can always use inspiration . . . especially when it comes to redesign work.

  3. Hey Joanne, I love the blog. Can't wait to read more. Congratulations!!!
    All the best to you, ~Aida Krgin

  4. Congratulations on getting your blog started up, it looks great!! I am looking forward to following your inspirations!!


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